Brochure Design – still the ultimate marketing tool

How great brochure design will ignite your business and increase your web presence.

In a world that’s drowning in digital communications, we’re strong believers in print. A high-quality, crafted brochure design can help you stand out. And, in many situations, there’s really no substitute for the tangible, tactile qualities of the printed page.

For us brochure design is natural, we are just that way, instinctive, creative, imaginative and sometimes inspirational. Aall just slot together, naturally. It should do really, we have been doing this longer than anyone else. Completely Apple Mac reprographics since ’89. Some would say it’s a dying art, some think it’s dead but they are totally wrong.

Communicating your product or service through a brochure these days is just a small part of a job, It also needs interact. Crafted to be in tune with your web site and social media, reflected in your infographics videos and webinars. These elements must be offering the same messages, branding and style to offer complete coherency. Using brochures is the ideal way to communicate your message. they are tactile, informative, creative, exciting, promoting marketing tools that can stimulate desire and compel action and they can be distributed anywhere.

We are proud of our traditional expertise, but we are technology driven. We are wordsmiths and typographers, we are designers and web developers and together we bring balance and creativity to everything we do.

Brochures are not dead they are the key to igniting your business and increasing your web presence. We ensure that your brochure is not out their alone, we develop it and integrate it into your marketing strategy and your website..

Your Brochure in your hand and online

There is still nothing like a physical copy of a magazine or brochure. It is tactile, has presence it makes a statement of who you are. At Pre Press we also go a little further ensuring your brochure has an online presence so you can maximise its potential. The beauty of an online presence is that pages, products and items can be linked into your web site offering the customer faster and greater access to information.

Here is a quick checklist

The objective of your brochure is…

Decide what it is you’re trying to say and make sure it’s a message that can be obvious to all of your audience. You need to be more specific than to say ‘to tell people about our services’ or ‘to increase sales’ Being specific and focusing your aims will achieve a better brochure. The brochure is for your readership, it must engage and create and energy that ensures they come back again and again.

Define your target audience

Is it your normal demographic or are you targeting your brochure towards a specific group to see if you can stimulate business in another area? Knowing your audience is crucial before you can decide how your message will best reach them.

Choose the format of your brochure

Options vary from size, weight and type of paper, how it is folded and finished. Your budget may play a large part in your format, this especially limits the number of pages you document, but keep in mind that even a small, black and white brochure can draw plenty of attention if the message is clear.

Develop the concept

The concept will be based on the data collected about your audience. The message for your product(s) or service(s) needs to stay consistent throughout your brochure. This is where our expertise will come into play.

Its only words

The words are your chance to describe, promote and sell. Be clear and specific, try to keep it short and to the point. Powerful, well written copy can deliver a message, inform even create desire, but together with great photography can make compelling augment that will sway your audience. This is a specialist area and we can help drawing on our training and vast experience.

Your brochure is delivered how are you going to distribute it?

It’s finished and delivered, now is the really important bit. Get them distributed as soon as possible. If like many you really do not sure, then please ask us. We can advise on ways of distributing your brochure, to the right people. Finally, like any other marketing exercise it is essential to monitor the results. We strongly recommend that you appoint somebody to collate this, it is valuable marketing information that will allow you to make informed decisions next time.


You will need to think where your brochure will fit into your website, what links will it need both internal and external. We can help here a give you ideas.

What happens next?

Call us and we will arrange to will sit down with you and talk before working our magic. The timescale alway varies, but whatever happens come back to you and present our designs. Pre Press have created 1000’s of brochures over the years for clients in every sector and market. The experience of our designers is what makes the difference between a good job and a great one – don’t settle for good – insist on the great.

If you have a project in mind then you could call one of the team today on 07974 407644 and discuss how we can help.

It’s not just brochures we can offer a whole range of visual communications

  • Brochures & Leaflets – Exceptional design and print quality, it has to be we consider this still often to be the first touch-point a customer has with your compnay. It is always the only chance to make a first impression.
  • Exhibitions & POS – If you need to stand out we can help you with everything from a pop up stand to a completely bespoke stand design.
  • Magazines, Books & Journals – If you need anything designed for publication we can help, from magazines, newsletters and price lists through to suites of newspapers.
  • Corporate Communications – Your brand is the most important marketing tools you have. We create corporate guidelines and then apply this to stationery, folders, annual reports and everything else.
  • Electronic Publishing – Brochures can’t just be in print these days they have to be multi-format. We can create online versions including interactive PDF’s and online brochures for world wide distribution.
  • Direct Mail & Advertising – If you need to make an impact then we can help. We create exciting and engaging materials that produce tangible results every time.

By working with Pre Press you will have a creative team that will bring your project to life and give you the ultimate marketing tool