Charity Cheques

Digiprint low cost range of Charity Cheques

Charity Cheques at prices so low all we ask in return is a face book like.

We can print any kinds of charity cheques for occasions such as charity fundraisers, publicity events, awards, and donation ceremonies. Small, medium, large and super size presentation cheques for donations and essential photo opportunities.

All our cheques are design from scratch. We can produced any style of cheque and artwork is free if you meet the minimum spend. Simply decide your design and  if you want to write it yourself. We can if required, print the details such as, dates, donation amount. We can even create a digital signatures. If you have artwork for your cheque then we can or simply print, just send a press ready PDF.  If you are unsure ten just call us, we are here to help.

We firmly believe that if you have spent time raising money for any event then the last thing is to spend a whole lot of money on a fancy large cheque. This is why our charity cheques are sensibly priced, if we can help you, perhaps you would be good to help us, with a facebook ‘like’, or spread the word to your friends and other business users.

All of our large Charity cheques come in virtually any size.  You can also choose from a range of substrates and we have a ‘wipe off’ re useable option.

We can print on Paper (under 420 wide 300gsm), (over 420mm, 200gsm). Never tear, PVC, Canvas, foamex board 3mm and 5mm,

Our wipe charity cheques are printed on 5mm foamex with a crystal laminate.

Prices start from just £4.99 plus VAT and delivery

Call 01383 573 527 for further details, whatever you need we can deliver.

Paper 300gsm
Single use
Paper 200gsm
Long life HDR inks
Single use
PVC Crystal flex
Single use
Foamex 3mm
Single use
Foamex 5mm
Single use
Re useable
5mm Foamex
420x 208mm£4.99£8.99£13.00£22.99£23.99
650x 321mm£12.99£16.00£33.99£34.99
850x 420mm£15.99£20.00£37.99£38.99£98.99
1000x 494mm£17.99£24.00£58.99£61.99£120.99
1200x 592mm£19.99£32.00£63.99£65.99£184.99
2000x 988mm£77.99£78.99£194.99

All prices exclude VAT and delivery. Free artwork on all items over £50. Excludes pixel manipulation or vector graphic images.