Covid-19 We are open for business.

As we are a virtual company we are not constant by offices and meeting points. We work virtually so at this unprecedented time we are open for business and unaffected by Covid-19.

Pre Press is unaffected by Covid-19 We are open for busines but key to this is ensuring our staff and customers are safe. So at this present time we cannot at the moment offer face to face meetings, but in every other aspect it is business as normal. Communications is the key through Facetime, emails, text Whats app, dropbox, We transfer as well as social media all play their part in keeping you informed.  To this end we us CRM software to ensure that we keep close contact and up to date with our clients so we don’t miss a thing.

If you need any design, brand changes, print or marketing then please call 07419 328607 or email

Stay Safe

we are open cove-19