Environmental Policy – Pre Press

Our Environmental Policy was established in the early 90’s. As a young company we realised the importance of our impact on the environment even then.

In order to provide our customers with the highest quality print Pre Press use equipment at the forefront of printing technology. We ensure that this equipment enhances our philosophy of reducing out impact and actively insist that everything we purchase is sourced resposibly.

Pre Press recognises the importance of considering the environment at all stages of business planning, development, production and marketing, whilst continuing to produce high quality print solutions to meet customers specification and satisfaction. In order to demonstrate our commitment to pollution prevention and continual ongoing environmental improvements Digiprint have implemented specific environmental objectives.

Pre Press will also endeavour to:

Conserve energy use as far as is practicable.

Recycle any equipment as far as it is practical.

Reduce the use of solvents through the implementation of new efficient technology.

Minimise waste, particularly during printing and packaging.

Conserve natural resources used in manufacturing and despatch operations.

Meet the the Duty of Care requirements through the safe storage and disposal of waste.

Maintain safe, clean working conditions in and around the offices.
Operate in an environmentally responsible manner by communicating environmental best practice to all employees.