Give your company a boost Covid-10 marketing ideas for SME’s

How to adapt your company for Covid-19 Marketing

A the moment companies have no choice to adapt and accept rapid change. Give your company a boost Covid-10 marketing ideas that cost next to nothing and will give your company a boost. We all know business owners need to produce a proactive plan to adjust and adapt how they lead, speak to their customers and manage their brands. For some it’s easy, for others they need a helping hand, but everyone can benefit from picking up new ideas – so read on.

Those company’s who have web sites will have seen a rise in the number of people looking, in depth at your website. These are people interested in your area of expertise, or more that likely your competitor his interested in what you are doing, We ourselves have seen a huge rise with having thousands more people a day looking at our site.

We’ve been encouraging our clients to become proactive in informing their customers and website visitors of not just how their business is handling lockdown and coronavirus. But more importantly planning for when things get back to normal.

Create a Covid-19 marketing strategy

Taking the right marketing actions and finding the right message can be challenging in the best of times. But when you have no income, little cashflow, furlough staff and potentially have many more weeks of disruption what can a business do to keep their business in there markets eye.

We have seen some company’s thrive under Covid19. Peoples needs rapidly change a some have benefited some have not. That is fortune, but as a company owner you need first of all to check you are not missing a trick. Make sure you have covered all options, we are sure you have – but check again.

When times are bad every company cuts their Marketing Budget, we all know its the wrong thing to do, but it’s an easy choice. Its also the wrong choice. When things start to recover SME’s are often snuggling/reluctant to find the funds to put back into marketing, but it is absolutely essential you have some sort of marking plan to attract new customers and keep old. Your competitors will be doing just that, and they will be targeting your customers.

Lots of companies will trying to market themselves using social media. They’ll spend money with Facebook and Google because hey that works? Wrong. It will only work if you have the right product at the right price and is advertised at the right time to the right people and the moon is above Jupiter. The chances are you haven’t the right product, it’s not the right price and your peak selling months are yet to come. But worse than that there are hundreds of other competitors doing exactly the same as you. You have to think smarter than the competition. You have to position your company as never before. You need to form a clear plan. Set goals and measure the results to fine tune. This does not have to cost a fortune you can market your company well for little.

Define your unique selling point

You should have already done this but many companies do not. If you do not know then why would anyone use your product to service above your competition?

Give your company a boost Covid-10 marketing ideas – Do nots

  • Do not waste your money on free promotional items
  • Do not waste your money on social media advertising unless it has worked for you previously
  • Do not waste your money on printed literature unless you can distribute them all to the right audience
  • Do not wast your valuable time on advertising and marketing – delegate – you need to do your job
  • DO NOT REBRAND – now is not the time
  • Do not decide you need a web site – it is pointless short term
  • Do not bombard your customers with the same offer

Give your company a boost Covid-10 marketing ideas – Marketing for FREE

  • Set up your Google business account and Google maps
  • Set marketing goals
  • Think about guerrilla marketing
  • Do involve all you staff, ask for ideas, generate enthusiasm within your team
  • Improve your sites SEO, getting it ranked higher is always good
  • Do use Social media to its best advantages
  • Use email campaigns – contact all your customers every week, but do not be repetitive or bore them to death, it needs to be relevant, fresh and dynamic
  • Aggressively push your products key benefits and USP
  • Do wear promotion workwear all the time, everywhere – applies to all staff
  • Go to all the free business events
  • Aim to give out 25 business cards a day
  • Do Press releases – it could be free advertising
  • Do get on the radio/TV/newspapers/bloggs/pod casts
  • Put your company on all web directories you can find – there are hundreds
  • Promote your social media handles, at meetings, to friends and businesses
  • If your a small service business get your flyer and business cards into all your local shops, dentists pubs, takeaways
  • Join in on popular hashtags – have a voice
  • Create short, engaging videos
  • Pin your site images and graphics on Pinterest
  • Linkin is a must
  • Use your surroundings to your advantage
  • Make sure your signage stands out
  • Host a photo contest
  • Host a video contest
  • Host a voting contest
  • Host a caption contest
  • Host a sweepstakes
  • Host free webinars
  • Start a podcast
  • Post to deal sites like Groupon
  • Add a hashtag to your contests
  • Make contests super sharable on social media
  • Offer bonus points for sharing contests
  • Notify email subscribers of contests
  • Have a contest and promote everywhere
  • Write content catered to your audience
  • Add a visual element to ALL your content pieces
  • Create data-packed infographics
  • Include graphs and charts in your content
  • Use videos for interactivity
  • Leverage the power of lists
  • Use analytics to take advantage of popular content
  • Create an “ask the experts” roundup
  • Write a product comparison guide
  • Get ideas from Google related search
  • Use pop-up opt-ins on landing pages
  • Create guides to teach the basics
  • Promote your content
  • Post about industry hot topics
  • Create white papers
  • Contribute to online magazines
  • Make sure you get referrals
  • Give new life to old content
  • Apply to business awards
  • Have a raffle

More marketing you may have not considered

  • Invest in a video and get it online – People love watching anything that moves
  • Do invest in new signage – make sure people see you and know where you are
  • Brand your vehicles
  • Do invest in a brochure, it still the best marketing tool a company can have
  • Consider unusual sponsorships
  • Do invest in SEO and PPC
  • People will not read anything, use graphics or infographics instead
  • Set up a customer referral program
  • Hold an event/launch/awards
  • Join a professional Organisation – be careful, many take your money a do sweet nothing for you
  • Put your business on Amazon or Ebay
  • Put advertising on your website

You simply must have these items – if you haven’t get them sorted now

  • A plan
  • Business cards
  • SEO on web your site
  • If you have social media use it
  • Company brochure both online and traditional
  • Google Business
  • Data collection

Whatever marketing you do you must monitor the results it is the only way to see what works.