NCR Pads, Sets and Books

Pre Press offer a wide range of Carbonless Printing, NCR Pads, Sets and Books. They can be designed and printed from scratch or supply your own artwork.

Pre Press’s range of printed NCR pads are available in standard sizes, A6, A5, DL, A4, A3 and bespoke sizes. Our NCR Pads and Books pads are printed and supplied padded into sets of 50 with a card back to each pad. We offer a selection of two, three or four part NCR pads with the choice of having them numbered, reverse printing and 2 or 4 hole drilling if required.

We offer colour and print variations such as well as standard colour NCR Pad colours of pink, white, yellow, green and blue.

NCR Sets

Individual NCR sheets are glued in to NCR sets. These sets remain as individuals, to be filled out and then the sheets separated to use as you wish.

NCR Pads

Individual NCR sets are glued in to NCR pads, in 50 sets per pad. These can be filled in and then all sheets of the current set used can be removed to use as you wish.

NCR Books

Individual NCR sets are bound into stapled NCR books with spine tape in 50 sets. These can be filled in and one or more sheets are perforated to be removed and one or more sheets are not perforated and so remain fast in the book.

Bespoke NCR

Digiprint can design and print  your NCR sets, pads or books with a custom size, part order, part colour, perforation or numbering options . Whatever your requirements we can often find the perfect solution.

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NCR Printing: NCR Pads, Books, Loose Sets & Continuous Forms

Pre Press pride themselves on offering high quality products at affordable prices, together with excellent customer service. We offer free UK mainland delivery on all orders and will always go the extra mile to ensure you are satisfied with your order. For instance if you need your designs copying from existing artwork we will do that for you.

We are experts in the bespoke printing of: NCR Pads, Sets and Books. We also offer other printed items such as Continuous Forms, Continuous Stationery, Register Sets, Desk Pads, Note Pads and whole lot more.

What is NCR?

NCR is an acronym. No Carbon Required and it refers to a paper that has been treated to produce instant copies of the original without the need for extra sheets of carbon paper

The back of the first sheet is coated with micro-encapsulated dye and the face of the second sheet is coated with clay that quickly reacts to the pressure of a pen (or dot matrix printer) to form a permanent mark. Any further sheets required are coated with clay on top and dye on the bottom, allowing for 2, 3, 4 or even more copies of the original sheet.

What can NCR products be used for?

Our products can be customised to your exact requirements and are typically used as invoice books, delivery notes, receipt pads, waste transfer notices, and permits, the list is endless.

They can be customised with a logo, contact details, a form or table of some kind and an area for a signature, some also have terms and conditions printed to the reverse. They are ideally suited to any situation whereby the user requires instant multiple copies of what is being written.

Not sure if your artwork is print ready?

When we ask for print ready artwork, it must be high resolution PDF file, at the correct size, CMYK with crop marks. If you artwork does not have this we will contact and let you know what changes need to be made. We recommend that you use our template guides. I

Do you need design?

f you are unsure how to complete your artwork we really do recommend that you use professional services. Not only will your documents look more professional once the artwork is complete you do not have to pay for it again.

Our studio use the very latest in software and with 30 years of NCR printing we have the know-how to make your print work harder and ensure it has the professional touch.

Please note that design will add 2 working days to our standard turnaround times.