Project Description

Franco Belge Stove Brochure Design

The 2019 Franco Belge Stove Brochure is full of brilliant Photoshop work that is seamless.

ABGO, distributors of Franco Belge in the UK asked Digiprint to produced their 2019 Franco Belge Stove Brochure to replace their original version. Pre Press have over 30 years experience of producing heating Brochures, Catalogues and Price Lists for the trade so this was one of the main reasons Digiprint where choose. The brochure focused on eight stoves to which 6 stoves required completely new imagery. Photographic shoot was ruled out because of the cost and time constraints so stock imagery and considerable Photoshop skills where used to produce outstanding results which has so far seen a substaincial increase enquires.

“A brilliant piece of design work, the images created are outstanding”

Every image had stoves placed or the shot edited for the publication. The design was inspired by the feeling of warmth from a stove and the colours then replicated though the brochure to offer a contemporary look with a traditional feel. Our customer, to say the least, was over the moon.

The Brochure was produced in house by the design team using InDesign CC with extensive Photoshop work. The results as you can see from the images below. All the stove inserted had to be carefully twisted to fit, these are not 3D images but 2 dimensional and therefore difficult to obtain the correct perspective without destroying the look of the stove. Some of the images have a lot more work than first appears and several weeks were required to obtain the finished results.