Project Description

Branding and Identity

Branding is about who you are and how you do business.

It’s about capturing the essence of what your business stands for and expressing it clearly and consistently across every touchpoint that a customer has with your organisation.Our expertise lies in helping businesses cultivate their brands and shape their customers’ perceptions.  Effective branding presents a consistent, recognisable and memorable image.  It establishes and maintains a clear identity, ensuring that your unique style is carried through not only in your name, logo, designs and publications, but in everything you say and do about yourself, allowing you to inspire brand recognition and genuine loyalty

Brand strategy

We have been helping businesses understand and harness the power of branding for over 25 years. We’ve worked with a wide range of businesses in both the public and private sector, helping them to tell a compelling story and create a distinctive image for the whole organisation to get behind. From Start-ups are a blank canvas looking for help to bring their business to life, to position them accurately in the market and create the right first impression.

Established businesses come to us for a number of reasons; a new acquisition which changes the nature of the business, an MBO which demands a change of direction, or a business which, over the years, has lost sight of it’s original idea and market share. In each case, we listen to the vision and aspirations of the internal team, then talk to customers to understand the reason for their custom and what they really value. Nine times out of ten there is a gap, sometimes a chasm, between the internal and external view – which we bridge with strategy.

Brand expression

With a robust strategy in place, the task of expressing a brand idea verbally and visually and rolling it out across an organisation is much easier. Our Brand DNA process provides a valuable checklist which can be used to evaluate every expression of the brand. From key messaging, to the choice of corporate identity, to the tone of voice for a press release – each can be measured against a clear set of rules which help to remove subjectivity from decision making.

With a clear brief we are able to create an appropriate and distinctive interpretation of your brand idea: crystal-clear propositions, razor-sharp messaging that cuts to the heart of your audiences’ needs and distinctive brand identities that capture the spirit and personality of your business and wrap every touchpoint a customer has with you.


Brand Creation

Whether we are rebranding an established client, or creating a brand for a start-up, we quickly gain a deep understanding of you and what make you tick. We take a holistic approach, finding out who you are, what you believe in, what your goals are and what message you want to communicate. We can then create the brand that is right for you and your business.

Branding need not be a lengthy process. With many years experience across a multitude of sectors, from fashion to finance, healthcare to law, we are able swiftly to assess, design and present, then refine, to create a cohesive brand presence.



Your logo is the most recognisable part of your business image. An effective logo is clear and appropriate. It is also contemporary and relevant to the current market. A logo is often the first thing a customer becomes familiar with and, for a new business, the first impression a customer receives is crucial to how the business is perceived.

Established companies that have a long standing tradition and heritage need to remain relevant and attractive to their customers. Having dealt with companies that pride themselves on decades or even centuries of success, we have the experience to incorporate contemporary relevance into a brand whilst respecting tradition and heritage. Whether text or graphic, or a combination, we create logos that reflect and represent your company or business requirements.


Corporate Identity

After creating a brand and identifying the rules that define that brand, we apply these rules to create or refine your corporate identity, carrying the brand consistently through all design work, Corporate identity is the combination of colour schemes, words, logos, icons that combine to create a visual about itself It is an enduring symbol of how a firm views itself, how it wishes to be viewed by others, and how others see, recognise and interact and more importantly remember

Corporate identity is ‘out there’ sensory-experience conveyed by things such as your business card, company stationery, signage, uniforms, brochures. It is even evident through advertising whether visual or sound.

Brand consistency is key to any corporate identity, from the simplest of business cards to a complex range of marketing materials. We can act as a brand guardian for you, advising how to maintain clarity through the simple application of brand style and rules.