Pre Press reprographics – digital beginnings

Pre Press was formed in 1989, it was created to offer digital magazine and newspaper Pre Press reprographics services completely on computer, something nobody else offered at that time. Indeed our first full colour leaflet was printed in 1990 and our first magazine was printed in 1992, completely produced on a Apple Mac Classic and a SI. They only had 4mb ram and hard disk space!

In these early years of the desktop revolution we found that nobody could offer digital only reprographics, it simply did not exist, indeed because of a lack of enthusiasm for change in this area many of our contemporaries refused changed and many closed within the decade. Our only choice was to learn, adapt and forge ahead in this new area of Digital Pre Press Reprographics. It ran in tandem with our design agency giving us a unique advantage over many other pre press reprographics company’s and design agencies.

Since those days has Pre Press established itself as an industry leading prepress organisation. We were committed to providing the highest level of customer service, just as we are now. Digital Pre Press Reprographic companies – in the early nineties were a rare beast. Few companies had the necessary computer skills, or software knowledge to offer such a service. We started with Photoshop and Adobe pagemaker and now 30 years later use the latest Creative Cloud offerings from Adobe and Quark are our tools.

The prepress sector played a critical role in helping brands to stand out and defining themselves in a crowded marketplace at the beginning of the digital revolution. Our precise attention to detail design skills and professional approach set us and our customers apart from the competition.

As the reprographic industry changed and faded we too have evolved and moved into emerging sectors. In 1999 we installed our first Digital printer. Since then moved into large format printing, exhibition display and new media. We became a limited company in 2000, Pre Press Digital Print Limited.

Our experiences in Pre Press reprographics have given us the skills to offer a range of services that are unrivelled. Pre Press reprographics background and its precisise nature means we take immense pride in our work. Our commitment to our customers is to deliver the highest quality service, professionalism and innovation in all our campaigns embracing new technolgy.

We are a company who have and always will, embrace change. Constantly striving into new areas and experimenting, constantly reassessing and developing. Looking forward to the next 10 years; the internet will continue to grow, but smaller and medium size companies will need new ways of promoting themselves as the cost of the internet continues to benefit the largest multi nationals who have the money to ensure they are always on the first page.