The original

World War Two Warship photograph retouched

This World War Two Warship photograph was give a new lease of life as a ninetieth Birthday present for an ex naval seaman. It was one of eight photographs that were scanned and retouched.

We think this is HMS Fleetwood, a Grimby Class Sloop which helped with Mediterranean convoy escort movements. See this link for more information 

The Old World War Two Warship photograph retouched after being scanned into hi resolution digital format. Our studio corrected the damaged using the very latest software, Photoshop CC 2017 and After Effects. The scan, retouching and A4 frame costs less than £50. The World War Two Warship photograph was just a small, badly damage and aged and had a tear as well as stains over the image area. The image was scanned at 1200dpi and enlarged to A3 to enable retouching at a fast rate. The final size was reduced to A4. By doing this we preserved as much detail as possible.

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