About PrePress

A history in digital reprographcs

Created at the start of the digital revolution

Our history in digital reprographics started right at the beginning with Photoshop 1, Pagemill 1 and Pagemaker 4 there was no internet, 4mb ram and only floppy disks – Happy days

PrePress has evolved into a full digital agency ready to empower your brand. we will help reveal its authenticity and win it a place in the hearts and minds of your audience through creativity, clever thinking and a lot of talent.

We find out what’s different about you and make sure the world understands exactly why you’re so special.

We love working with talented entrepreneurs. Since setting up in 1989, we’ve helped thousands of clients grow their businesses, a great mix of International household names and local SME’s, some we still work with today.

So welcome to PrePress. Freedom for imagination

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