About PrePress


Created at the start of the digital revolution

Since 1989 we have been 100% digital.

Our history in digital reprographics started right at the beginning with One Apple Mac, Photoshop 1, Pagemill, Illustrator 8 and Pagemaker there was no internet as such to ask questions, so we read manuals while working on brochures and magazines with only, 4 MB RAM and lots of floppy disks – Happy days

Because we were the first to be 100% digital we attracted many customers all wanting to explore the new world of digital design and reprographics. Many of the processes we take for granted were learned by trial and error. Finding out how to export CMYK files to rip, what was image transfer? stochastic printing? how to split a 20mb file onto floppy disks, file naming all these basic things everyone now takes for granted.


Prepress. Pre Press reprographics. Pre-press graphic design

What has this given us?

We have more experience than any other company in the digital field and as technology once again moves on with AI we look forward to exploring how this can help out customers.

We love working with talented entrepreneurs. Since setting up in 1989, we’ve helped thousands of clients grow their businesses, a great mix of International household names and local SMEs, some we still work with today.

So welcome to PrePress.

Freedom for imagination

completed jobs

PrePress. What do we do

In the nineties, as a design agency and a prepress reprographics company we produced work for some of the UK’s biggest companies and designed award-winning magazines and countless brochures. The dawn of the new millennium saw us move into digital printing and large-format work. As for many Covid ensured that the way we work changed.

Today we are a smaller outfit. A design agency covering a broad band of areas including graphic design, marketing, print, web, packaging and exhibitions. We can upon a whole host of strategic partners when needed, these are people and companies who are experts in their fields. They can help ensure any job, no matter how small or large is given the respect it demands and the results our customers expect.

Prepress. Pre Press reprographics. Pre-press graphic design