Why is Google so important?

Why is Google so important for your business?

Understanding why Google is so important and how to improve your ranking

The reason for Google being so important is that in the UK more than 90% of all web traffic runs through its search engine. Those companies at the top of each page pay for that position. You can understand why Google earns Trillions of revenue every year.

£250 can buy a lot. £250,000 can buy you a whole lot more. The same is with your page ranking, it you have the money you can always be number one. But sometimes, those who are not so cash rich or are simply starting up have no chance in competing with multinationals. But what you can do is be faster, smarter and more intuitive something bigger companies completely lack. You can get a whole lot more for next to nothing if you know how to play the game.

SEO is complicated. For every company, there will be a different approach, a different set of rules, and a different path to follow, which in itself makes any SEO work time-consuming. But there are a quite few things you can do as a business that will generate more response.

A few points worth remembering

It is not ranking number one that brings in the sales. There is no point is spending more money promoting your page if you do not generate enough income from it. It is exactly the same as traditional marketing. Work out what is your budget and how best to use it to generate the maximum return.

Let’s be honest, unless you have more money than your competitors you’re never going to rank number one in a crowded field of competitors whose own agenda is to be number one. What you need is a company that will look at your options, and plan and implement a route that is monitored at every stage to ensure you’re on track. It is so easy writing this, but in reality, it’s hard work and a lot of effort, a whole raft of things can be done to generate a response from a website that will improve your sales. This will also naturally improve your ranking position.

Beware of promises

Any legitimate SEO agency will tell you that there is no way to guarantee rankings because rankings can vary depending on many factors. Yet there are companies, many from overseas who promise to rank your website as number one. Yes, it can be done. but it will not be one for the keywords you envisaged. At Pre Press we will never say you’ll be number one, we will say we will make a big difference.

The reason? If there are 10 companies, in the same industry, with the same keywords and they are all wanting to be on the first page of Google then you have to outthink or outspend your competition. You have to be one step in front – always.

What makes our SEO Services work?

Great content = better rankings and better user experience

There are many ranking factors that search engines take into account when choosing where to place webpages in the search results. But at the top level, the four core SEO (search engine optimisation) practices fall under

  • Content
  • On page
  • Off page
  • Optimisation

When it comes to gaining top rankings in search engine results, content is king. Search engines, Google, Bing and others are driven by complex algorithms that reward great content and user-friendly navigation.

This means to be successful online, websites need to contain current, useful information including regular updates, posts and links to and from other perceived high-authority sources.

Off-page SEO involves developing traffic from other sites to link to your site. Some components of off-page SEO involve building relevant links from other sites, raising social media awareness, and blogging to help cultivate the off-page visibility that brings in more traffic to your site.

There are also technical elements of a website that need to be right. Our technical team will look under the hood at the code that Google sees.

How we can help

We how we have shown you why Google is so important. We make a difference by working together, helping you generate more responses from your website with the lowest possible outlay and the maximum possible return. We have already helped many companies improve their ranking, it just takes a lot of time, research and thinking to produce the result you need.

PrePress offers a wide range of fully managed digital marketing services including SEO, social media as well as optimised website design and hosting.